Thursday, February 11, 2010

One of my secret little pleasures... taking time out from my day to read P.Z. Myers' blog, Pharyngula.  Always educational and often times hilarious, Myers is a call-em-like-he-sees-'em biologist and noted atheist whose essays and commentary are seasoned with equal parts science and rapier wit.  Also to be enjoyed is the comment section where Myers' minions do battle with the occasional Christian apologist who wanders far into enemy territory and is summarily taken to task.  Once in a while we're treated to such gems as P.Z. noting that returning from a lecture in Iowa, he spies a religious-themed billboard on I-35.  He then links to a "news item" taken from Pat Robertson's 700 Club related to I-35.  I know it is loathsome, but try and sit through the video:

Shudder. However, deep in the comment section there is an entry by a poster named "grinch" who writes:

"Oh yeah - I just found out about this great site called"

They just can't make these things up! By the way, James Stabile has apologized for his participation on the 700 Club propaganda show here.

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