Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lady Duh Duh for 2012

Leonard Pitts Jr.'s Valentine's day column, Sarah Palin can do us a favor by running for president, really cracks me up.  In it, he makes a strong point--and an interesting observation about the word, "elite":
More to the point, something is wrong when we celebrate mental mediocrity like <Ms. Palin's> under the misapprehension that competence or, God forbid, "intelligence," makes a person one of those "elites" — that's a curse word now — lacking authenticity, compassion and common sense.
Has the Republican "dumbing-down" of America--which started with the Reagan administration's severe Department of Education budget cuts and continued through George W. Bush's insidious "No Child Left Behind Act"--turned us into a nation of fools, willing followers of a woman who believes in witchcraft and  demons, and is not above using her political office to resolve personal vendettas?

Contrary to the view expressed by Mr. Pitts, Sarah Palin on a ballot is not something I want to see happen in real life.  What if, on the million-to-one chance, she does get elected?  What if by some odd chance political posturing and partisan sniping get so out of hand that people say oh-what-the-hell and vote her in?  I don't want someone who believes in witchcraft, demons--and Armageddon--holding the launch codes.  Do you?

(h/t to Suzette B.)

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